So I’m getting into Photography…

Hey guys, hope you’re holding up in lockdown…At least things are easing up a bit now ..not sure if that’s a good thing or not.  This whole “Stay Alert” malarkey is really vague if you ask me.

Anyway…down to creative subjects! What have I been up to? What have I been doing? I’ve actually been getting into my photography which is something  I’ve always been interested in and wanted to get better at. Lockdown has been a great opportunity to work on things that I haven’t gotten round to doing. Saying that I’ve meant to have made some of my dresses for my collection which is on hold right now…I need material.  I know you can get it online but I’ve had bad experience before where material has been bad quality. I prefer to go into a shop and feel/see things -ya get me?

Anyway as there is no escape as we are in lockdown I’ve captured my lovely house mate Mathilda, to be my model. (exclaimer- no being was hurt in this process…) I’m joking…she willingly with full consent was happy to take this position.

It’s been really fun. Mathilda has also been practicing her photography skills on me too. It has been so much fun working with her, dressing up, creating scenes and arranging backgrounds, making up stories. It’s been a fun, creative, a fabulous way to spend the day in lockdown. Sometimes when we’re all dresses up drinking tea in the garden I almost forget that this whole COVID situation is a thing. I’t nice to forget about the world for a while and be in a comfy bubble.

Hopefully soon I’ll be investing in photoshop so I can start making some dank photos. It will probably take me a while to get my head around it as I tried using it once before and I felt like a complete newb….

Anyway, until then I’ll be posting some pictures of shoots of the beautiful Mathilda.

Sweetly Dreaming:


Lockdown Update

Hello everyone! I seem to have become quite lazy with my blogging so apologies about that. The world has gone into chaos since I last wrote… COVID 19 has now taken over…all of our  lives have been effected. I really do feel for you all.

I’ve had to postpone a few personal and collaborative projects as I can’t get the materials I need at this time. But I’m still creating, making little bits and bobs here and there which keeps me occupied in my time of social distancing an isolation. For those of you who don’t know I also do music stuff too. I’ve been focusing on that quite a lot recently which is another reason why I’ve been so bad at updating my creative posts. I always struggle balancing my arts and music. But they’re my passions and I can’t live without them.

If you’re board or curious please check out some my other social network platforms for my music :). You can fine me on Instagram and YouTube:


Anyway enough of business stuff…

So today I made some candles. Just thought you guys might like to know. They smell nice! They look cute! Fun times!

So that’s been my excitement for today. I may make some apple and ginger crumble later. Though I have made about 4 since lockdown haha…I’m probably going to have to role out the house when this all over. Oh! have you guys tried the Oatly vegan cream?? It will change your life…that with apple and ginger crumble…mmmm now you’re talking. See lockdown isn’t all that bad eh..

Stay well my lovelies, keep healthy, stay strong. We don’t don’t know how long COVID 19 will go on for but what we do know is that it will end and this won’t last forever.

Sending big virtual hugs!

The Photoshoot!

Hey guys, It’s been a little while since I’ve posted anything but as promised I now have some of the pictures from the photoshoot! Hurrah!!!!

The shoot took place around mid winter and was bitterly cold. This is the first time I’ve ever modelled properly… I was excited yet anxious as I’m so unexperienced. But that being said I had a great time, even if I looked a bit derpy and overly dramatic at times, I had fun and it felt so empowering to transform into this ethereal Mother Nature goddess. The whole experience was really exciting, inspiring and I walked away buzzing but also frozen solid…

It was absolutely freezing and was wearing a thin summer dress on location.  Danniella Jaine (the amazing photographer) took pity on me took off her layers to join me so we could experience and embrace the cold together. She was very supportive and comforting which really relaxed me.

We ended up having to stop the shoot as I started uncontrollably shaking and my feet were turning blue!…the things we do for art ay…

I’m so happy with how these photo’s came out and appreciate the magic that Danniella has worked on them.


Make-up Artist: @nadezhdahardiman



Tis the season to be a Butterly Fairy!

Hello lovely lot! I’ve finally made a start on my new butterfly fairy wing collection. I’m really happy with how they have turned out and I’m enjoying the whole crafting process.  I feel like I’ve learnt a lot with my fairy wing journey but it’s only just the beginning. I’m still experimenting with different shapes, sizes and styles that I will be realising in 2020!! I’m currently working on opening up an Esty shop very soon so if you like what you see you’ll be able to purchase your own magical wings.

It’s been quite a hectic few weeks! I’ve recently moved house so crafting and blog posts have been on hold but things should shortly be up and running again.

I made a dress at the beginning of summer…so quite a while ago. My lovely friend Daniella Jane, who also is an amazing fantasy photographer said she would do a photoshoot for me in exchange for some of my wings. Both of us have been super busy but we’ve finally got around to doing the shoot!

It feels so great to collaborate with other artists.  Daniella has really outdone herself with this shoot. The photos are still being edited but I can’t wait to share them with you! She really has captured something truly magical.


The last Dragonfly Wings of my collection

Hello!!! It’s feels like forever since I’ve written a blog post. I’m very excited as I’m going to be moving into a bigger space very soon which will give me more room for my creativity! So that’s why I’ve been a bit slow with blogging. Life as it does, get’s in the way sometimes. But it’s all going to be pay off soon as I have some very exciting projects coming up!

So my Dragonfly fairy wings! It’s been a right old journey making them as you probably know if you’ve read my previous blog posts. My lovely friend Daniella Jane has been using my wings for her Photo Booth (faeriepicturesphotobooth) which you can find on instagram.

Something that I’ve learnt about this project is that I didn’t think about decorating the other side of the wings. The back of them look great but when they’re photographed and you see the front they just look quite plain and boring. Also they’re quite big and not the easiest to take everywhere without getting damaged. So I have been working on some new, better, stronger wings which I’m very excited to share with you!

These are some photo’s of the final Dragonfly Wings that I’ve made. I can make more on commission. I am selling my Dragonfly Wings that I’ve made so far. If you’re interested please contact me though my Instagram: Deardons, or my Facebook page: Isis Deardon.


Planning the photoshoot!

Hello everyone! Yes I’m still alive and kicking. I’ve just had a little holiday break but now I’m back, you can’t get rid of me that easily.

So what have I been up to?

I’ve been working on a couple of projects which I will make individual posts for soon.  Oh, and you know that garment I made in that dress making course I did a few months ago, I was going to surprise you with? You probably won’t as it was super long ago, buuuut I’m finally getting that professionally photographed soon! Ah I’m so excited I can’t wait! The photographer and I have been super busy this summer so that’s why it’s taken so long to get around to doing it. Also guess who’s gonna be modelling it…your’s truly!

I’m super nervous about modelling as I’ve never done it before but it should be a laugh and a fun experience. The reason why I’m modelling my dress is because I want to make professional business cards from the photos to promote myself as a designer. So that’s exciting!

As you’ve waited so patiently you can have a sneak peak of my dress which hopefully will keep you entertained until you see the final photoshoot photos.

Last week me and the photographer (Daniella Jane) were planning the mood/theme of our photoshoot and getting together some accessories which we thought complimented my dress.

My Niece’s Birthday Dress

My niece’s dress is now complete! I can now wrap it up and send it on its merry way. I can’t wait to see her face. 🙂

I whipped this dress up fairy quickly, only took some hours out of my day. It feels rewarding to complete a project in such a short amount of time.  Though I did face a few issues. I was so nearly finished then my sewing machine decided to be a pain in the butt and have a breakdown. So in some places the stitching isn’t very neat which it a shame. I did try unpicking it a doing it again but the material kept getting damaged. I didn’t want to risk ruining it further so I left some of it and tired to tidy it up as neatly as possible. The dress was also massive! Noway was that an age 13 pattern! The dress was too big for me even, so I had to do some major adjustments to take it in.

So this is there finished garment!

My Niece’s Birthday

It’s my beautiful niece’s birthday and she’s turning the big 13! Geeze how time flies huh!

The reason why I’m letting you guys know is because I promised to make my niece a dress for her birthday. I’m not going to lie I’m quite anxious about making it because she’s not a little kid anymore, she’s a teen now and it’s a hard balance to make something thats not too childish or grown-up. I want to make something which she’ll be happy to wear and feel comfortable in.

I have no idea what her measurements are and I don’t want to ask because I don’t want to ruin the surprise, even though I’ve promised to make one. So to play things safe I’ve bought a readymade patten so I’ll get a basic size for her. She’s quite petite for her age so I’m also a bit worried her age size will still drown her but at least she can grow into it and have it for longer muhahahaha.

Anyway…I’m just about to start this project, this is the patten that I got. I will be doing pattern ‘A’, also he’s a piccy of my material I’m going to use. 🙂


End of project fairy wings

Yay I’ve finally completed this project! We can all say that I’ve learnt a lot, even how to ‘nearly’ burn down a house… After all that chaos I’m now pleased to present my finished product.

These wings are made for the lovely Daniella Jane, she is a fantasy photographer and has her own photo-booth that she takes to events and festivals. These wings are going to be props for her booth and she has kindly offered to send me some of her pictures to build up my portfolio. So stay tuned for that, I’m so very excited!

The wings aren’t made out of cellphone which I originally planned to do, instead I’ve made them from tights, acrylic paint and lots of glitter glue. I still haven’t given up on the cellophane wings and I will try further experiments once my soldering kit arrives.

I’ve really enjoyed this project, once I got into the flow of what to do I had a lot of fun and can see myself making a lot more and maybe even making a little business out of it. But we will see…

Anyway I’m waffling on now, please comment on what you think. 🙂