End of project fairy wings

Yay I’ve finally completed this project! We can all say that I’ve learnt a lot, even how to ‘nearly’ burn down a house… After all that chaos I’m now pleased to present my finished product.

These wings are made for the lovely Daniella Jane, she is a fantasy photographer and has her own photo-booth that she takes to events and festivals. These wings are going to be props for her booth and she has kindly offered to send me some of her pictures to build up my portfolio. So stay tuned for that, I’m so very excited!

The wings aren’t made out of cellphone which I originally planned to do, instead I’ve made them from tights, acrylic paint and lots of glitter glue. I still haven’t given up on the cellophane wings and I will try further experiments once my soldering kit arrives.

I’ve really enjoyed this project, once I got into the flow of what to do I had a lot of fun and can see myself making a lot more and maybe even making a little business out of it. But we will see…

Anyway I’m waffling on now, please comment on what you think. 🙂



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