The Photoshoot!

Hey guys, It’s been a little while since I’ve posted anything but as promised I now have some of the pictures from the photoshoot! Hurrah!!!!

The shoot took place around mid winter and was bitterly cold. This is the first time I’ve ever modelled properly… I was excited yet anxious as I’m so unexperienced. But that being said I had a great time, even if I looked a bit derpy and overly dramatic at times, I had fun and it felt so empowering to transform into this ethereal Mother Nature goddess. The whole experience was really exciting, inspiring and I walked away buzzing but also frozen solid…

It was absolutely freezing and was wearing a thin summer dress on location.  Danniella Jaine (the amazing photographer) took pity on me took off her layers to join me so we could experience and embrace the cold together. She was very supportive and comforting which really relaxed me.

We ended up having to stop the shoot as I started uncontrollably shaking and my feet were turning blue!…the things we do for art ay…

I’m so happy with how these photo’s came out and appreciate the magic that Danniella has worked on them.


Make-up Artist: @nadezhdahardiman




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