Lockdown Update

Hello everyone! I seem to have become quite lazy with my blogging so apologies about that. The world has gone into chaos since I last wrote… COVID 19 has now taken over…all of our  lives have been effected. I really do feel for you all.

I’ve had to postpone a few personal and collaborative projects as I can’t get the materials I need at this time. But I’m still creating, making little bits and bobs here and there which keeps me occupied in my time of social distancing an isolation. For those of you who don’t know I also do music stuff too. I’ve been focusing on that quite a lot recently which is another reason why I’ve been so bad at updating my creative posts. I always struggle balancing my arts and music. But they’re my passions and I can’t live without them.

If you’re board or curious please check out some my other social network platforms for my music :). You can fine me on Instagram and YouTube:



Anyway enough of business stuff…

So today I made some candles. Just thought you guys might like to know. They smell nice! They look cute! Fun times!

So that’s been my excitement for today. I may make some apple and ginger crumble later. Though I have made about 4 since lockdown haha…I’m probably going to have to role out the house when this all over. Oh! have you guys tried the Oatly vegan cream?? It will change your life…that with apple and ginger crumble…mmmm now you’re talking. See lockdown isn’t all that bad eh..

Stay well my lovelies, keep healthy, stay strong. We don’t don’t know how long COVID 19 will go on for but what we do know is that it will end and this won’t last forever.

Sending big virtual hugs!


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