So I’m getting into Photography…

Hey guys, hope you’re holding up in lockdown…At least things are easing up a bit now ..not sure if that’s a good thing or not.  This whole “Stay Alert” malarkey is really vague if you ask me.

Anyway…down to creative subjects! What have I been up to? What have I been doing? I’ve actually been getting into my photography which is something  I’ve always been interested in and wanted to get better at. Lockdown has been a great opportunity to work on things that I haven’t gotten round to doing. Saying that I’ve meant to have made some of my dresses for my collection which is on hold right now…I need material.  I know you can get it online but I’ve had bad experience before where material has been bad quality. I prefer to go into a shop and feel/see things -ya get me?

Anyway as there is no escape as we are in lockdown I’ve captured my lovely house mate Mathilda, to be my model. (exclaimer- no being was hurt in this process…) I’m joking…she willingly with full consent was happy to take this position.

It’s been really fun. Mathilda has also been practicing her photography skills on me too. It has been so much fun working with her, dressing up, creating scenes and arranging backgrounds, making up stories. It’s been a fun, creative, a fabulous way to spend the day in lockdown. Sometimes when we’re all dresses up drinking tea in the garden I almost forget that this whole COVID situation is a thing. I’t nice to forget about the world for a while and be in a comfy bubble.

Hopefully soon I’ll be investing in photoshop so I can start making some dank photos. It will probably take me a while to get my head around it as I tried using it once before and I felt like a complete newb….

Anyway, until then I’ll be posting some pictures of shoots of the beautiful Mathilda.

Sweetly Dreaming:



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