My Niece’s Birthday

It’s my beautiful niece’s birthday and she’s turning the big 13! Geeze how time flies huh!

The reason why I’m letting you guys know is because I promised to make my niece a dress for her birthday. I’m not going to lie I’m quite anxious about making it because she’s not a little kid anymore, she’s a teen now and it’s a hard balance to make something thats not too childish or grown-up. I want to make something which she’ll be happy to wear and feel comfortable in.

I have no idea what her measurements are and I don’t want to ask because I don’t want to ruin the surprise, even though I’ve promised to make one. So to play things safe I’ve bought a readymade patten so I’ll get a basic size for her. She’s quite petite for her age so I’m also a bit worried her age size will still drown her but at least she can grow into it and have it for longer muhahahaha.

Anyway…I’m just about to start this project, this is the patten that I got. I will be doing pattern ‘A’, also he’s a piccy of my material I’m going to use. 🙂



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