My Niece’s Birthday Dress

My niece’s dress is now complete! I can now wrap it up and send it on its merry way. I can’t wait to see her face. 🙂

I whipped this dress up fairy quickly, only took some hours out of my day. It feels rewarding to complete a project in such a short amount of time.  Though I did face a few issues. I was so nearly finished then my sewing machine decided to be a pain in the butt and have a breakdown. So in some places the stitching isn’t very neat which it a shame. I did try unpicking it a doing it again but the material kept getting damaged. I didn’t want to risk ruining it further so I left some of it and tired to tidy it up as neatly as possible. The dress was also massive! Noway was that an age 13 pattern! The dress was too big for me even, so I had to do some major adjustments to take it in.

So this is there finished garment!


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