The last Dragonfly Wings of my collection

Hello!!! It’s feels like forever since I’ve written a blog post. I’m very excited as I’m going to be moving into a bigger space very soon which will give me more room for my creativity! So that’s why I’ve been a bit slow with blogging. Life as it does, get’s in the way sometimes. But it’s all going to be pay off soon as I have some very exciting projects coming up!

So my Dragonfly fairy wings! It’s been a right old journey making them as you probably know if you’ve read my previous blog posts. My lovely friend Daniella Jane has been using my wings for her Photo Booth (faeriepicturesphotobooth) which you can find on instagram.

Something that I’ve learnt about this project is that I didn’t think about decorating the other side of the wings. The back of them look great but when they’re photographed and you see the front they just look quite plain and boring. Also they’re quite big and not the easiest to take everywhere without getting damaged. So I have been working on some new, better, stronger wings which I’m very excited to share with you!

These are some photo’s of the final Dragonfly Wings that I’ve made. I can make more on commission. I am selling my Dragonfly Wings that I’ve made so far. If you’re interested please contact me though my Instagram: Deardons, or my Facebook page: Isis Deardon.



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